Strengthening Team Skills: Tips and Exercises for the Workplace

Effektive Teamarbeit durch gut aufgeteilte Teamfähigkeiten stärken

In today’s working world, teamwork is indispensable, especially for team leaders and project managers. Effective teamwork is built on strong team skills that go beyond mere group cohesion. But what exactly does team capability entail, and how can it be enhanced?

What is Team Capability?

Team capability is not just a skill but rather a suitability for teamwork or membership in a particular team. It’s about being a valuable member in the context of the task. Team capability means addressing uncomfortable issues, pointing out problems, demanding more engagement, or necessary changes. Thus, it requires a broad spectrum of skills and behaviors.

Examples of Team Capable Behavior:

  • Appreciative communication 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Positive energy
  • Flexibility and openness to changes 
  • Reliability in fulfilling one’s tasks
  • Professional competence and understanding of other team members’ areas of expertise

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How Can Team Capability Be Strengthened? 

Enhancing team capability is based on three pillars: competencies, personality, and fit with the team: 

  1. Consider Team Competencies: This includes independence, communication skills, conflict management, and the ability to give constructive feedback.
  1. Consider Personality: Conscientious individuals who complete their tasks reliably and punctually enhance team capability.
  1. Consider Fit with the Team: It’s crucial that a person fits into the team both personally and professionally.

Key Team Competencies

To enhance team capability in the workplace, it’s crucial to focus on certain team competencies. Intelligence plays a central role in this, as it enables effective communication and organization within a team.

Social and communicative competencies are also vital, particularly in close cooperation and intense interaction within teams.

Independence is another key factor. Contrary to the belief that teams always do everything together, effective teamwork requires each member to independently fulfill their role and function. This independence and personal responsibility are indispensable for the smooth operation of a team, akin to the components of a clockwork mechanism.

For more information on relevant team competencies and personality traits, you can visit the website of the Society for Business Psychology.

Teamfähigkeit funktioniert nicht ohne Teamkompetenzen

Relevant Personality Traits

In addition to these competencies, personality traits play a crucial role. Openness to change, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and emotional stability are traits that significantly enhance team capability. A person who is open to changes and can flexibly adapt to new situations contributes significantly to the dynamics and adaptability of the team.

Conscientiousness ensures reliability and punctuality, while agreeableness fosters interaction within the team, and emotional stability helps maintain calm in critical situations. A moderate level of extraversion is also beneficial as it allows a balance between teamwork and individual initiative.

Practical Tips for Strengthening Team Capability

To practically strengthen team capability, certain measures are recommended. Firstly, employees should gain experience in teamwork to develop a basic understanding of communication and interaction within a team. This includes listening, giving constructive feedback, handling conflicts, and presenting ideas. Furthermore, promoting self-reflection and establishing a feedback culture is important. Regular feedback on behavior and work can be given at set times or after the completion of projects.

Such measures help team members continuously improve their team capability and effectively contribute to the team.

Teamfähigkeit zu sträen führt langfristig zu Erflog


Team capability is a complex but essential component of successful teamwork. It encompasses a wide range of competencies, personality traits, and the right fit with the team. For team leaders and project managers, it’s crucial to recognize and promote these aspects to ensure efficient and harmonious teamwork. Through targeted measures and an understanding of the various facets of team capability, teams can be strengthened and motivated to achieve peak performance.

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